Become whou you are

43901948_sHow long does it take to know ourselves? We sometimes feel that we understand the others better than ourselves, especially as we live and what we perceive from us, our goals, our feelings change constantly. And yet at the center of this movement remains the same personality as a pivot around which would wraps an upward evolutionary spiral. And this central pivot consists of your basic personality that it is important to identify. Because from this knowledge will emerge the meaning of your life and as all personality is unique this path will be unique. The behaviour may change depending on the situation, good or bad, not the basis of personality that remain, such as a fingerprint, a psychic identity card with which we are born.

But how concretely know yourself? Is it a reference grid to which to refer, a tool to understand our internal mechanisms without embarking on long and expensive therapies because it is not a question of healing here but of acceptance without self-judgment, would it be personal or societal? Indeed, we are what we are and what may appear as a harsh personality trait in a culture could be considered as worthy in another culture. Thus the independence and autonomy may be valued for some latitudes and considered dangerous for others, especially when you are born female.

Self-knowledge tools, including personality and behaviours, exist; they take the form of tests, self-questioning, introspection and analysis of the past in order to discover life thread. These tools are built up from the ancient texts but also from human sciences such as psychology or neuroscience.

The « Become who you are » refers to the existential coaching and spiritual intelligence. Ok! There are ten basic personalities, the Tradition says. But what is the purpose having such or such personality? Why some people have a compassionate personality, others combative, etc.? This should make sense. How to find it? How to accept this sense outside any cultural diktat, social or family?
Answers to these questions are here also found in ancient texts and neuropsychology. Let us assume, « And if all of us were a neuron in a brain? “. As brain which functions as a veritable information processing structure follows rules, everyone’s life follows rules, such as the lateral exchange, communication, coordination and integration of information, unity research…

Hence the importance of having not only a self-analysis grid allowing you to know you better, which should save you time by eliminating the learning cycles of repetition, but also to know the basic laws that govern human relations and the universe.

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