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How to Reconcile Leadership and Spirituality?

More than 15 years ago, a new trend emerged in the field of leadership, a “new” trend that is nevertheless …

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Formations gratuites

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Afin de fêter Thanksgiving , j’ai décidé de vous proposer gratuitement l’accès à tous …

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Journey Towards Oneself

My journey towards myself began many years ago, but I was able to become aware of it only a few …

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Intelligence spirituelle et valeurs

J’ai publié cet semaine un nouvel article sur l’intelligence spirituelle sur le site substack. Il évoque les 10 valeurs universelles …

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Welcome on my newsletter

I launch a newsletter on substack. This newsletter is about spiritual intelligence. What does it mean? We have multiple forms …

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Course on Kabbalistic Psychology

Because the aim of psychology is to observe and understand the human psyche, research started to be interested in any …

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