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Change Management is a process and a utilisation of tools and techniques to manage the people side of change processes to achieve the required outcomes and to realise the change effectively within the individual change agent, the inner team, and the wider system
There are a multitude of concepts relating to Change Management and it is very difficult to distil a common denominator from all the sources that are applying the phrase to their understanding of organisational development. However, common amongst these varying concepts is the notion of a learning organisation.
Only when organisations and individuals who make up the organisations learn, will they be able to master positive change. In other words, change is the result of organisational learning processes that engage the following questions:
“In order to sustain and grow as an organisation and as individuals within; what are the procedures, what is the know-how we need to maintain and where do we need to change?”, and, “How can we manage change that is in harmony with the values we hold as individuals and as organisations?”
Change Management has to be viewed in relation to Knowledge Management, which took several turns during the nineties. When the establishment of an intranet was suddenly feasible to any large organisation, IT and management scientists declared the beginning of the « knowledge society ». The premature anticipation of knowledge management was that every member of an organisation would be highly motivated to share information through a common platform and a quality improvement process would be enabled more or less by itself. It only took a couple of years to realise that this assumption was false. To date there are no examples of companies which transformational learning is facilitated by an IT system only, because the early protagonists forgot that information does not equal knowledge and that human knowledge is in hands of the people who make-up the larger system.


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