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Symbolism a help for political solutions

24740003_sWe know the books of Dominique Aubier who had the genius to bridge two modes of operation, the brain and the human relationships. D drapeau FRAubier has completed the model of Herrmann which is a descriptive and static model of personalities like many models on personality that tend to “lock “individuals into categories. The approach of D Aubier is evolutionary because, beyond individual personalities, she became interested with tacit codes that govern the relationships between people from the observation of the brain.

But we know less about the work of his assistant, Dominique Blumenstihl-Roth. Yet he applies in his books the decoding system identified by D Aubier to current and actual situations. Thus, one of his last publications, Fatima, Deliverance of Islam (2014, Ed. Peleman) offers us a wonderful analysis of strained relations between western, Muslim and Jewish worlds from the study of the life of Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad and wife of Ali, explaining the split between Shiites and Sunnites.

Several things drew my attention in this book.

First the place of women in Islam. From a reading of the Koran which the author has extensive knowledge, the reduced current place of Women in the Muslim world is explained by the spoliation of the heritage, the descendants and livelihoods of Fatima, a Woman, by Abu Bakr, a Man, opening the way to the rejection of otherness in all its forms.

Then the connection between Hebrew and Arabic alphabets. The names and keywords in the Koran are analyzed in the light of the Hebrew Kabbalah, which gives each letter a symbolic meaning, a true reading grid of situations beyond words. Each protagonists’ name of the Muslim religion founders is studied to understand the role of each of them. Still using the Hebrew Kabbalah, considered an investigative tool, the author also explores the founding texts of Islam to extract the exact meaning of the texts and to discover the place of this religion in the evolution of mankind, a not yet assumed place as always marked by the initial violence to Fatima.

Finally, the conclusion reached by the author after this analysis is the necessary reconciliation and union between Jews and Muslims and the role of the Western world and the United Nations in this reconciliation. This union would be that of “Who-knows” and “Who-makes,” in other words, the union of the two parts of a brain. I quote: “The Israel-Islam dialogue between partners is only possible between spiritual interlocutors and cannot be reached between dogmatisms that can only compete”

I invite you to read this book, proposing concrete solutions from exegesis and drawing a path to Peace.

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