Expert in Finance, Strategy and Administrative Organization

Specialist of NGOs, Public Sector and Multilateral Organizations


Expert in Finance, Strategy and Administration

An organization, either public or private, cannot be manage today as it was a few years ago  and paradigms have changed. The managers and leaders  use  less  past events or technics but creativity from and feelings on the emergent future.

I can advise you in this change of management and leadership

  • Because I practiced the profession of independent Chartered Accountant and business manager for 22 years , I can accompany you throughout all the stages of development of your business and help you to improve your organizational performance,
  • Because I managed multicultural teams, both in the public and the private sector and I am graduated in psychology, I can help you to build up dynamic human and financial  and administrative capacities,  
  • Because I advised political and economic decision makers in different countries, Anglophone and Francophone,  and evaluated many projects, I can advise you in your strategy, organization and management.

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Expert en Finance et Organisation Administrative

Une organisation, publique ou privée, ne se manage pas aujourd’hui comme il y a  seulement une dizaine d’années et les paradigmes ont changé. Le leader ne s’appuie plus sur le passé met les techniques mais sur le futur émergent et la  créativité issue de l’intelligence collective

Vous voulez conciliez valeurs et performance, je peux vous y aider

  • Parce que j’ai exercé la profession d ’ expert-comptable  et de chef d’entreprise pendant 22 ans, je vous accompagne tout au long de la vie de votre entreprise, de la création, au développement et à la transmission.
  • Parce que j’ai géré des équipes multiculturelles, aussi bien dans le secteur public que privé et que je suis diplômée en psychologie, je vous accompagne dans la gestion de vos ressources humaines.
  • Parce que j’ai conseillé des décideurs politiques et économiques dans différents pays et évalué de nombreux projets, je peux vous conseiller dans votre stratégie, votre organisation et votre management.

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References and CV

With over 40 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, including over 20 years at an international level, I am an expert in financial and operational processes with significant experience in finance and public administration for international organizations and governments. I possess extensive experience in organizational development and capacity building, and is a certified coach with specific expertise in organizational change management. My experience in this field includes business process analysis and reengineering; designing and leading trainings; and designing and implementing sound financial management systems and control procedures, including procedures manuals. Since 2004, I worked with political institutions to develop and set up a system of effective and transparent management and train the staff and the managers of these institutions.

Utilizing my background as a Chartered Public Accountant and Auditor for the first 20 years of my career, I have been trusted with leading fraud prevention in a wide variety of contexts, including several post-conflict environments. My anti-fraud activities include evaluating and improving financial procedures, implementing internal control systems, and designing and leading trainings to prevent fraud. I may bring a wealth of public and business administration experience that includes improving budgeting and financial systems, transparency in financial reporting, standardizing accounting procedures, and introducing performance based human-resources systems.

Currently, I am consultant in organizational strategy and change management, working for various development project and strengthening capacities of ministries in various countries.

I received an MSc in Public Policy and Management from the University of London in the UK, a BoH in Psychology from the Open University in the UK, an MBA in Economics from Aix-Marseille University and in Politics from the Institute of Political Sciences in France, and is a Certified Public Accountant. I am fluent in French and English, and understand Spanish

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