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This course aims to show you how to develop an organisation’s strategic plan. It covers the elements of planning needed to enable you to plan strategically while reviewing the basic questions you need to answer in order to develop a strategic plan and define the strategic framework specific to your organization or project.

Strategic planning is at the heart of an organization’s or project’s work. Without a strategic framework, you cannot know where you are going or why. So it does not really matter how you get there! This course will give you the fundamentals to plan strategically. You can reproduce this method in any organisation or project that needs to do some strategic planning so that you can help your project or organisation achieve a significant impact.

This course can help you if you have only limited experience in strategic planning. Perhaps you have never had to lead an organisation, project or department before. Or perhaps you have never been involved in the planning side of work before. Or perhaps you have always focused on implementing action programmes and now you realise the importance of strategic planning. If strategic planning is something new, or relatively new, to you, then you should find this course useful.

In this course you will find practical exercises for you to use as you develop your strategic planning thinking as well as tips, checklist and multiple examples such as on how to conduct a four-day seminar on strategic planning.

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1- Introduction
2- How to develop a strategic plan
3- Covering fundamental issues
4- Defining the strategis framework
5- Internal implications on your organization
6- Conclusions

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