Existential Psychology

25295591_sPsychology is born from the philosophy and the medicine and has therefore two objectives: understand and care. Having acquired the status of full discipline on the nineteenth century, it was concerned first with automatic behaviours with behaviorism and with the explanation of mechanisms with the cognitive psychology and neuropsychology for which men looks like computers (and vice versa). Since the beginning of its existence, psychology was guided by a search for scientific legitimacy, and this in accordance with the current ideas from the Enlightenment. The development of psychology was based more on its medical and scientific than its philosophical sources such as described by Plato and Socrates when they evoked the soul.
Where are we today? The positions have evolved since the beginning of the 21st century and researchers in psychology begin to tackle with taboo subjects such as emotion, consciousness, intelligence and its various forms, personalities and intelligences, taboos because not observable … scientifically. Of course, Freud and all psychiatrists of the last century had introduced the concept of sub consciousness with the psychoanalysis but they did it as doctors, e.g. with the assumption that human beings are sick and therefore the causes of malfunctions, supposed or real, of their patients have to be found.
It is important to step back from this strictly scientific and medical approach in order to explore the human psyche (psukhē: the breath, mind, soul) on philosophical ground and expand our approaches and ways of thinking. Some psychologists, essentially Anglo-Saxon, began to open the road by addressing two concepts: emotional intelligence, around twenty years ago, and spiritual intelligence very recently.
And it is this new way that psychology should explore today: Existential intelligence and spiritual awareness.

In a world that has become unstable and whose main conflicts are conducted in the name of God and spiritual values, where our children join fights which are not theirs to find meaning in their lives, it is important to understand this essential mechanism of the human psyche that is the existential consciousness that encompasses the search for meaning, inspiration, faith ..

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