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Journey Towards Oneself

My journey towards myself began many years ago, but I was able to become aware of it only a few months ago, when I was freed from the material attachments I had created.

Searching for meaning

Life is a journey, just an endless journey, despite the illusion of having sometimes reached the final stage. In fact, life is made up with successive final stages. It is a path of learning, a journey towards discovering who we are and then what we can do. We grow up and one day,  we become aware of our finitude. And then things change. We question ourselves on the purpose of our lives: What am I doing here? With what I am, my qualities and my faults, what am I destined for? Personally, I chose to believe that life has meaning, although sometimes doubt catches me up . But having curiosity, faith and hope, I prefer to believe that what happens to us has a meaning and that we came to this earth to fulfill a mission.

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