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Life as a Quest for Meaning: Organic Inquiry

Somatic Psychology2022-12 quest for meaning – an organic inquiry

All human beings have had difficult or traumatic experiences at some point in their lives. For some religions, this is part of human beings’ destiny since they were expelled from paradise after they disobeyed God and ate the fruits of the tree of knowledge or good or evil. Since that tragic moment, the individual must experience bodily suffering. But strangely enough, not everyone has the same capacity to cope with it. Some people are desperate, while others are more resilient. Viktor Frankl taught us that only by understanding the meaning of suffering can we overcome it. This is a position I share. In this essay, I will draw on my personal experience and my embodied practice of traveling to explore what mechanisms of resilience I put in place when facing traumas and how life’s challenges can shape a life.

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2022-12 quest for meaning – an organic inquiry

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