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New Course on Strategic Planning

I just published a new course on UDEMY for those who are interested on Strategic Planning for people working in NGOs, international organizations or the public sector.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why strategic planning is important before acting
  • What are the elements of strategic planning to be considered or not to forget
  • How to develop a strategic plan and I will give you tips
  • What is a problem analysis or sector analysis or what are the components of a strategic
  • How to conduct a seminar on strategic planning

This course is for you if you work in an international or national project in aid development or a NGO or also in the public sector.

This course can help you if you have only limited experience in strategic planning. Perhaps you’ve never had to lead an organisation, project or department before. Or perhaps you’ve never been involved in the planning side of work before. Or perhaps you’ve always focused on implementing action programmes. If strategic planning is something new, or relatively new, to you, then you should find this course useful.

This course will help you to gain confidence and overcome challenges because I designed this course for managers who want to conduct strategic planning successfully for their organisation, without forgetting anything

Here is the link to have more information:

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