Gestion et finance


After my diploma as Chartered Public Accountant, I run my own practice as independant CPA during 20 years. My customers were SMEs and associations, acting in various sectors: Agriculture, real estate, shops, poublic sector, health....

Whether providing services directly to the public or employed by corporations or associations, I operate in virtually any area of finance including:

  • Corporate finance and governance
  • Financial accouting and financial analysis
  • Income tax
  • Financial reporting
  • etc

I also worked as Head of Budget and Finance or Financial Advisor for International organisations (OSCE, Unites Nations, European Commission), so my knowledge of the IPSAS and IFRS.

Expert comptable indépendant pendant une vingtaine d'années, j'ai créé et développé mon propre cabinet d'expertise comptable.

Mes clients étaient des PME ou des associations et mes travaux consistaient en

  • L'établissement des états financiers,
  • La tenue comptable,
  • L'optimisation fiscale,
  • L'élaboration de business plan
  • L'analyse financière,
  • Etc....

J'ai également travaillé comme chef des finances ou expert en finances de plusieurs organisations internationales: OSCE, Nations unies, d'où ma connaissance des IPSAS comme des IFRS