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I launch a newsletter on substack.

This newsletter is about spiritual intelligence. What does it mean?

We have multiple forms of intelligence. Personally, I think that we have four intelligences. As we have four elements: bodily, emotional, cognitive and spiritual, I consider that we have four types of intelligence.

Somatic intelligence was forgotten and is regaining some interest nowadays. It considers that bodily ailments translate into psychological difficulties and that we should listen to our bodies. It is based on the principle that body and mind are intertwined and that we cannot heal one aspect without considering the other.

The cognitive and emotional aspects have been extensively studied. I will not come back to the hegemony of cognitive intelligence since Descartes’ famous sentence: I think, so I am. This predominance reached its peak in the eighteenth century,” the century of enlightenment”. Emotional intelligence became popular with Goleman ‘s Works in the 90s.

Ten years later, Danah Zohar published a seminal book on spiritual intelligence but while the developments on emotional intelligence were widespread in the public arena, the research on spiritual intelligence remained confined to the academic world.


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30 octobre 2023

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