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My Books

Quête de Sens et Intelligence Spirituelle: A Guide to Finding Your Life’s Mission and Inner Peace

At the heart of each individual’s journey lies a profound mission, a unique path that we are destined to fulfill. Deciphering this path is not always straightforward. Without this understanding, we often find ourselves meandering through life’s detours, experiencing transient pains or a lingering sense of unease. We seek solace in fleeting pleasures or leisure, yet a deep fulfillment remains elusive. True contentment, or at the very least, a sense of inner peace, seems just out of reach.

“Quête de Sens et Intelligence Spirituelle” is more than just a book; it’s a culmination of a deeply personal odyssey. Through its pages, I endeavor to impart the wisdom I’ve garnered, aiming to illuminate your pursuit of meaning and contentment. This book is not just a narrative; it’s a beacon, a guide to navigate the complex waters of life.

As your author, I embrace the role of a spiritual ferryman, bridging insights from diverse realms – the Anglophone and Francophone worlds, the spiritual and the scientific. My vision is to offer a fresh perspective on the human psyche, drawing from the rich and transformative field of transpersonal psychology.

This book is an invitation to journey together, to explore the depths of spiritual intelligence and to unlock the secrets to a fulfilling life. Join me in this quest for meaning, as we delve into the intricacies of our existence and discover the path to lasting peace and happiness.”

Discerner – Choisir et Agir: Navigating Life’s Questions with Conscious Choice and Action

“Why are we here on Earth? What should we be doing in this very moment? What responsibility do we bear for the events unfolding around us? Should we act, and if so, how can we make a difference? These fundamental questions form the core of “Discerner – Choisir et Agir,” a book that dives deep into the essence of our existence and the power of choice inherent in the human conscience.

At the heart of our journey through life is the responsibility we hold for our attitudes and behaviors. This responsibility stems from the fundamental truth that we always have a choice – a testament to the unique nature of human consciousness. To navigate this complex landscape, we must learn to discern: to decode situations, make choices based on our personal value systems, and then define and execute actions that align with our sense of justice.

“Discerner – Choisir et Agir” offers a clear, universally applicable approach. It is grounded in simple ideas drawn from the world’s great traditions, woven together in a cross-disciplinary vision that also incorporates the latest findings from science and research. This book is more than just a guide; it’s a toolkit for making informed, conscious choices and taking meaningful actions in our lives.

Join me in exploring how discernment, choice, and action can shape our lives and the world around us. This book will not only provide answers but also empower you to ask the right questions and make decisions that resonate with your deepest values.

This book is also available in English

Coaching Existentiel et Intelligence Spirituelle: A Journey to Self-Knowledge and Life’s Purpose

“Coaching Existentiel et Intelligence Spirituelle” delves into the realm of existential psychology, unraveling its two fundamental aspects: self-awareness and the pursuit of life’s meaning. This book provides a unique exploration of how personality is shaped through ten distinct character traits. Drawing from ancient texts, it reveals how these traits manifest in values and behaviors that adapt to various situations, offering a comprehensive understanding of personal identity.

A significant focus of this book is on the concept of multiple intelligences, particularly spiritual intelligence – a field that has garnered attention in psychology only in the last decade. This exploration is not just theoretical; the book is a practical guide, featuring numerous exercises and tests. These tools serve a dual purpose: they help readers progress towards greater personal consciousness or reduce their stress levels, and they offer coaches robust methodologies focused on the notions of values.

“Coaching Existentiel et Intelligence Spirituelle” is more than just a book; it’s a transformative journey. It’s designed for individuals seeking deeper self-knowledge and for coaches who aspire to facilitate meaningful personal development. Through its pages, you will uncover the intricate relationship between your personality, your values, and your actions, guiding you towards a more fulfilled and purposeful existence.

“Une Femme Parmi Les Loups”: A Tale of Courage and Self-Discovery in a World of Power and Intrigue

In “Une Femme Parmi Les Loups,” readers are invited to follow the initiatory journey of Anaïs, a dynamic young businesswoman who finds herself disenchanted with her corporate life. Craving a career that aligns with her ideals, she makes the bold decision to leave everything behind and immerse herself in the world of international organizations, seeking to balance professional aspirations with her altruistic values.

However, Anaïs’s idealism is quickly confronted by the harsh realities of the political-diplomatic sphere – a world riddled with corruption, power struggles, and blackmail. This novel vividly portrays not a fight against poverty or a quest for world peace, but a struggle to navigate and survive in the murky, confrontational environment of opaque organizations that have become the modern-day battlefields.

Inspired by a true story, though with altered names to protect identities, “Une Femme Parmi Les Loups” is a compelling narrative of personal transformation and resilience. It chronicles Anaïs’s remarkable journey as she not only triumphs in her battles but also embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, ultimately finding and embracing her true self.

This book is more than just a story; it’s an exploration of inner strength and the courage to challenge the status quo. Join Anaïs in her journey through a world where being a woman among wolves means fighting for integrity and identity in a landscape where the stakes are as personal as they are global.

This book is also avaible in English